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Игрушечные модели русских коллаборационистов

Думаю, для многих после материала "Дело генерала-карателя" будет интересно посмотреть  "Игрушечные модели русских коллаборационистов".

"General Helmut Von Pannwitz"
This German cavalry officer was the commander of the Cossack Cavalry Corps. Extremely popular with his men he often wore Cossack uniform.
After the war he chose to remain with his men when they were handed over to the Russians. He was executed by the Soviets in 1947.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
"Dismounted Cossack NCO"
A dismounted Cossack field policeman with an unfortunate Partisan suspect.

"Cossack Pointing"
Another member of the patrol indicating while making his report.

"Standing Cossack and Horse"
This young Cossack is awaiting inspection.

"Cossack holding Rifle"
Looking to the Left and with his rifle across the front of his saddle this is another member of the patrol.

"Cossack holding Rifle"
Looking to the right this Cossack, rifle held steady, is on patrol.

"Cossack Scout"
Scanning the horizon for enemy activity.

"Mounted Cossack Officer"
Wearing the traditional Cossack costume (with German badges) this officer, sabre in hand, is issuing orders.

"Cossack Feldgendarmerie with Prisoner"
A dismounted Cossack field policeman with an unfortunate Partisan suspect.

Остальные модельки вроде этой:

можно увидеть здесь.

Напоминаю, что патриотические игрушки для "самых маленьких" - Солдатиков дивизии СС "Галичина" и УПА можно посмотреть здесь и сравнить.
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