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Этот день в истории: Посол США потребовал, чтобы депутаты немедленно явились в Верховную раду

Оригинал взят у varjag_2007 в Посол США потребовал, чтобы депутаты немедленно явились в Верховную раду

Good evening! I'd like to begin tonight by offering my deepest condolences to those who were killed and injured and their family members, who were victims of the violence on Maidan today. United States is working as hard as we can to support those who are seeking to build a peaceful prosperous future for this country, and to bring an end to the terrible violence that has happened over the past few days. For today, the most important that needs to happen is to move politics off the streets and back into Ukraine's democratic institutions. So, for those of you who are elected members of the Rada, if you are not there tonight working to forge a political solution, you are part of the problem. You are not part of the solution!
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