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Жаль, бравые воины не уничтожили предков Бандеры...

Оригинал взят у stepom в Турецькі голови на гербах

The Schwarzenberg Coat-of-arms
The German noble family of Schwarzenbergs was originally called the Lords of Seinsheim and their proper emblem was a shield with silver and blue stripes. After the conquest of Raab, the Turkish fortress, the emblem was enlarged in 1599 by Adolf zu Schwarzenberg with head of a Turk, his eyes being pecked out by a raven.


Шварценберги (нем. Schwarzenberg) — известный с XII века франконский дворянский род из Зайнсхайма, который позднее вступил в австрийское подданство и в XVIII—XX веках сделался крупнейшим землевладельцем Богемии.
In 1599 Adolf zu Schwarzenberg added a quarter showing the head of a Turk pecked by a raven, to symbolize the conquest of a Turkish fortress in Hungary known in German as Raab ('Raven').

(Hajdú-Bihar County)
On the basis of the seal of 1627 the settlement’s coat of arms can be described as follows: On the sinister side of the shield a vambraced arm is borne, holding a sword with a Turk’s head on it.


Orlík nad Vltavou is a village in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic.


Нитранский край (словацк. Nitriansky kraj) — один из восьми краёв Словакии с административным центром в городе Нитра
In the times of the Turk wars Nitra became antiturkish fortility and demand after products of local craftsmen increased remarkably, because of the presence of the soldier. An another important part of their goods was sold at weekly markets and four seasonal fairs. In this era craftsmen got started to join in the guilds. The buildings were rebuild several times and the present shape of the castle basically dates from the end of the 17th century when it was fortified following battles with the Turks.



Мокрин (серб. Мокрин) — село в Сербии, в общине Кикинда, в Северно-Банатском округе автономного края Воеводина, в историко-географической области Банат.

Кикинда (серб. Кикинда/Kikinda, венг. Nagykikinda), до 1947 года — Велика-Кикинда (серб. Велика Кикинда/Velika Kikinda) — город на севере Сербии.

The Coat of Arms represents a hand holding a sabre on which an Ottoman Turkish head is impaled. It symbolizes the fight of Serbs against the Turks during the Military Frontier period[7] and the military contributions of the population of Kikinda during the Austro-Ottoman Wars.

(The County of Hajdú-Bihar)Shield oval, azure. In a field vert a Haiduk warrior erect,habited gules, in boots or, holding in the dexter hand a naked scimitardrawn, in his sinister hand a Turk's head couped. Over the top an open helmet ensigned with a royal crown, the symbol of irrevocable(collective) privileges of nobility. Crown is crested with a dexter armvambraced, holding a drawn scimitar transfixing a Turk's head couped.Mantling: dexter gules and or, sinister azure and argent.


(Vas County) The settlement’s coat of arms can be described as follows: In shield erect and azure the figure of a lion or, its tail bifourchée, in its raised dexter paw beast is holding a sword, hilted or. To the point of the sword the head of a long-moustached, turbaned Turk is stuck.


(The County of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén)
The town's coat-of-arms is a rectangular shield, the base curved to a point. In the field azure a dexter arm vambraced argent, the hand clad in armour holding a sword bladed argent, hilted and crossbarred or, the point transfixing a Turk's head couped, vulned.


(The County of Hajdú-Bihar) The coat-of-arms is shield-shaped.The charges are two lions rampant-combatant, queue fourché, langued and armed gules, holding jointly with their paws a straight sword, onthe tip of which the chopped-off head of a Turkish enemy is borne transfixed.

И в тему:
Оказывается головы козаков лепили с натуры ,а черепа используют до сих пор ))
.Видео начинается показом герба рода Шварценбергов:

Тут мне напомнили замечательное эссе   bohemicus, которое прекрасно допоняет пост

Bang-bang или интервью с Хищником

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