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И снова Катрин USченко

В поисках обнаружилось, что некто Bruce Bartlett, senior fellow with the National Center for Policy Analysis, посвятил нашенской "первой леди", Катерине Чумаченко-Ющенко, своей протеже, несколько востороженных отзывов.

October 27, 2004, 7:57 a.m.
The Other Election
The results of the vote in the Ukraine could be revolutionary.

The Ukraine also suffers in other ways from the communist legacy. The Chernobyl nuclear power plant is still a mess and the nation has never fully recovered from the awful famine inflicted upon it by Josef Stalin in the 1930s (the famine is estimated to have killed as many as 10 million people).
- обратите внимание. На дворе еще 2004-й год, октябрь лишь наступил, и мистер Брюс пишет это в Америке. Катерину Чумаченко он последний раз видел еще до того, как она вышла замуж за Ющенко {в этом он признается в следующей статье, на которую я ссылаюсь}. Но ему уже известно, что "нация до сих пор не оправилась от Голодомора" и цифра "десять миллионов". То, что повторяет звездная парочка Ющенко сейчас. Откуда он это "знает" в 2004-м?

Обратимся к известной статье Кульчицкого, которая ссылается на разные источники и оценки количества жертв:
В моем архиве есть привезенный из Канады в 1990 году документ под названием «Невідомий голокост. 10 мільйонів жертв: Україна, 1933». Это — подготовленное Тарасом Гукало коммюнике, выпущенное в эфир радиостанцией «Радио-Квебек» 16 апреля 1983 года. Во время 50-й годовщины Великого голода в Украине наша диаспора пыталась заставить население Канады и США прислушаться к ней. В конце концов ей это удалось. Не следует осуждать тех, кто тогда пытался превышением количества погибших от голода разрушить возведенную Сталиным даже за границей стену молчания об украинской трагедии.

То есть цифра "10 миллионов" вообще не имеет отношения к украинским исследованиям. И не должна - потому что она уже правильная, ибо утверждена за границей диаспорянами, и озвучена паном Гукало, который сотрудничал с Джеймсом Мейсом.

As it happens, I know Yushchenko’s wife, Katherine Chumachenko, an American of Ukrainian descent. She and I met in the late 1980s when she was working in the human rights bureau at the State Department. Later, we worked together at the White House, where she was in the Office of Public Liaison, and the Treasury Department, where she was in the executive secretary’s office.

Kathy — she is now known as Kateryna — is one of the brightest, most dedicated conservatives I have ever known. She has a MBA from the University of Chicago and is well versed in that school’s free-market economics tradition. The first time we ever met was at a Heritage Foundation event.

- оу, сладкая Heritage Foundation, Leadership for America! Это просто неописуемо! Экстазище!!

Картинки-баннеры с титульной страницы Heritage Foundation:

Вы как хотите, а я морально кончил! На каждом из!

The Heritage Foundation is a unique institution-a public policy research organization, or "think tank". We draw solutions to contemporary problems from the ideas, principles and traditions that make America great.

We are not afraid to begin our sentences with the words "We believe," because we do believe: in individual liberty, free enterprise, limited government, a strong national defense, and traditional American values
Our expert staff—with years of experience in business, government and on Capitol Hill—don't just produce research. We generate solutions consistent with our beliefs and market them to the Congress, the Executive Branch, the news media and others. These solutions build on our country's economic, political and social heritage to produce a safer, stronger, freer, more prosperous America. And a safer, more prosperous, freer world.
As conservatives, we believe the values and ideas that motivated our Founding Fathers are worth conserving. And as policy entrepreneurs, we believe the most effective solutions are consistent with those ideas and values.

We believe that ideas have consequences, but that those ideas must be promoted aggressively.
So, we constantly try innovative ways to market our ideas. We are proud of our broad base of support among the American people and we accept no government funds.

Our vision is to build an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity and civil society flourish.

- прониклись?

Но вернемся к нашему Брюсу:
Anyone who met Kathy quickly discovered that the liberation of the Ukraine from communist tyranny was her primary mission in life, to the exclusion of almost everything else. So it was no surprise to me when she moved to Kiev soon after it broke free of Moscow’s control in 1991. I helped get her a position there with KPMG, an American consulting company, where she trained Ukrainians in Western methods of banking, accounting, and other fundamentals of a market economy.

Ну и заканчивает мистер Брюс тоже совершенно замечательно:
The Ukraine should naturally be aligned with Poland and other Easter European countries that have implemented reforms and prospered in the post-communist era, becoming strong allies of the United States in the war against terror. Only its own rotten leadership has held it back. If Yushchenko wins, its promise will be much closer to becoming a reality. Regretfully, if he loses, it could fall even further behind.
- линия консервативной партии ясна?

Следующий подарок поиска:
Ukraine's Reaganite First Lady
From the Reagan Revolution to the Orange Revolution.
by Bruce Bartlett
01/24/2005, Volume 010, Issue 18

Тут мистер Брюс рассказывает, как он молодую консерваторшу протежировал. В принципе, мало интересного, но пара моментов все же есть:

Public Liaison is the White House's outreach office, which maintains contacts with groups and organizations viewed as politically important. In the Reagan White House, one of these groups was the Eastern Europeans, whose homelands still suffered under Communist tyranny and Soviet control. The Ukrainians were a key member of this coalition.

Shortly after I got to the White House, a position in OPL opened up for someone to work with the "captive nations," as they were called. I pushed hard with my friend Becky to hire Kathy for the position and I think it helped. She was hired and we were able to work together for a year or so. Although Kathy's main interest was Ukraine, she was equally supportive of people from the Baltic States, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, and other enslaved countries. They all understood that they would sink or swim together.

- именно об этом же направлении работы говорят и "файлы Чумаченко".

Еще забавный момент из того же поиска:
"Do you know who Yushchenko's wife is?" John Podhoretz just asked in an email. "Turns out he's married to Kathy Chumachenko, who worked in public liaison when we were at the White House!" Kathy Chumachenko, now Kathy Yushchenko, was one of the most completely delightful people in the Reagan White House, a Reaganite's Reaganite.

From Reagan staffer to first lady of Ukraine. How the Gipper would have loved it.

И на десерт:
Passion Led American on Road to Kiev
By Johanna Neuman
December 29, 2004 in print edition A-3

But those who knew Katherine Chumachenko when she was a public liaison official in the Reagan White House remember a fervent anticommunist who was passionate about bringing democracy to her parents’ homeland – a consummate Cold Warrior.

“She was extraordinarily dedicated and energetic,” said Rep. Christopher Cox (R-Newport Beach), who served with her in the White House. Hired by Rebecca Range, now Cox’s wife, Chumachenko served as liaison to American voters with roots in Eastern Europe.

Lydia Moll, Chumachenko’s older sister, who lives in Woodstock, Ga. Moll used to tease her much younger sister about keeping her room clean.

“I told her, ‘You better learn to clean up your room, because you won’t have maids when you grow up,’ ” Moll recounted in an interview. “And she’d say, ‘Oh yeah? Watch me.’ ”

- по-моему это совершенно прекрасно, товарищи! И вообще плоха та девушка, которая не мечтает о служанках!

Katherine Chumachenko graduated from Georgetown University and became, her friend Bruce Bartlett said, one of the few nonprofit management majors at the University of Chicago School of Business, known for its commitment to freewheeling capitalism. Bartlett, a fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis, a think tank in Dallas, said Chumachenko’s feeling for Ukrainian democracy was “the zeal of the recently converted. I remember her complaining that Lydia’s children didn’t even speak Ukrainian.

Doctors in Vienna recently determined that Yushchenko had been poisoned with dioxin. Kateryna has said that she tasted something strange on his lips when she kissed him on the night he fell ill. The poison disfigured Yushchenko’s face, but Kateryna predicts that it will heal once the poison leaves his body – much as the country will recover from communism, she adds.
Как гласит известный анекдот - не дождетесь.

Ну вот собственно и. По-моему приведенные цитаты - вполне логичный ответ на вопрос, откуда берутся вот такие речи, восточноэвроатлантическая интеграция, свабодный рынаг и прочие увлечения патриотической семейки президиота.

Если перед нами - Рейган в юбке, заведующий "восточноевропейским освобождением", представитель "чикагской школы", мечтающая о служанках, то тут по-моему больше совершенно нечего добавить...

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